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Eliminating the Burden

One more free chapter before the release of my new e-book "Debt Free Network Marketing"...

Here is a step by step instruction to ways you can tackle the expenditure above.

Joining fee and auto-ship:

Instead of going out to start looking for people to join your opportunity, one of the fastest ways to ensure cash flow is to LIQUIDATE your products!
See that stash of products lying around your house? (Your health supplements, skin care or water filters, etc) A lot of people leave their stocks lying around the house while going on a recruitment spree forgetting that once you sell off all your stocks, you will break even on your investment!
If you are wondering whether to keep those products so you can try them yourself, don’t worry. There is more where that came from. If you work hard to eliminate your investment costs, you can always purchase more products from the company later on and those products will most likely contribute to your sales volume as well.
The key is to get your WARM MARKET started on the products, and not pitch the opportunity to them straight away! If you try a good product at the supermarket, I am sure you will tell them all about it. Why should you treat your network marketing products any different? Are you afraid to talk to your uncle bob because your products are from a network marketing company?
Once you get your family and friends started on the products (It doesn’t cost you that much considering that those are money set aside for your business whether you sell or give them away), once they see results from it, they will start promoting the products to the people around them!
Don’t you see how by using your inventory when you first started off, you can potentially create runaway word of mouth giving you free warm leads offline? The best thing of all, you can choose from those groups of product users who can be a good business builder because of their trust in the product, you can get them in easily.
Doing so will also eliminate your costs when it comes to auto-ship. When people are actively consuming the product, all your downline will be on auto-ship and you will not be afraid of them canceling their auto-ship because it is taken care off by their warm market demand.

Training Materials

If you want to be successful in network marketing, your must invest in yourself. No I don’t mean investing in stuff that goes below your neck because there is a tendency for network marketers to eat a lot during group gatherings (and grow sideways!):
It is investing in what’s above your neck which is your mind!
Serious network marketers will always invest their hard-earned money in two things.


Training Materials to upgrade themselves like books and tapes
Since we know that people will be spending money on the second category, why not make a profit from it to fund your business?
One of the ways is to obtain training materials is to join free membership sites that provide free e-books or training material to help you expand your knowledge. These low cost, methods will help you tremendously instead of spending your much needed funds for surviving in your business on expensive hard-cover books that will cost $50-$300.

Phone Bills

As soon as your network begins to grow, you must consider switching to a phone plan that provides low-cost or unlimited access to all sub-lines. This is a great way to save on phone bills when calling your downline. Some telephone companies offer unique phone plans that give you a referral fee or even an overriding percentage over your referee’s or your network’s bill.
Other ways to cut down on phone bills is to go online to coordinate team meetings over the internet. VOIP /Voice Over Internet Protokoll/ tools like Skype and Hotconference are useful to do long distance opportunity meetings and counseling sessions with your upline and prospects. I made very good experience with Hotconfernce and we keep using it in business building very successful. People like the webconferences.

...some more will follow.Stay tuned!

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