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Debt Free Network Marketing


Here is a part from my soon to be released e-book "Debt free network marketing"

I believe in serving your success.

Chapter 5.

Downline: An Asset or Liability?

What is the income you are expecting from your business? Do you know that you have to invest time and money in your downlines? Yes, it is true that you make money when your downline joins you or makes a sale, but most of the time, to build a long term business; you have to invest heavily in their education.

Network Marketing is a business of duplication and although many people will pay the price to build their network, you must be very selective of whom you spend your time with. You can’t possible be everything to everyone and you must select who are the people that you are going places with!

It makes sense because they time you spend with one means time where you could either be developing another or recruiting a new distributor. Furthermore, you have to drive out of your house to see them or accompany them in training and counseling sessions.
Are you prepared to pay the price for ‘this guy’?

Most of the time many people quit network marketing is not because they can’t recruit, but because they spend too much time with a recruit thinking they can change a duck into an eagle. You quack with ducks but soar with eagles, if I am not mistaken. So if you spend too much time with a duck that quacks a lot but doesn’t do anything else, you have no choice but to leave him behind if you need to soar with the eagles (or else you will be like the ‘duck’ as well).

The key point to remember is this:

If you are doing 99% of the work in your network while the rest is doing 1%: START FINDING NEW DOWNLINES,.

They will spend less of your money (and free up your time to make more).

In the next few chapters, I will show you how by erasing some of the expenditures on Network Marketing, you and all your downlines can save time and money (so your downlines will not quit easily due to lack of cash flow and your business will survive better in the earlier stages).

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