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2010. szeptember 11., szombat

"Free Killer Squeeze Page Creator For You"

Hi there,

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2010. február 17., szerda

The Biggest Successes Are Often Bred From Failures...

Here is a video that helped me a lot nowadays:

According to Komisar, what distinguishes the Silicon Valley is not its successes, but the way in which it deals with failures. The Silicon Valley is about experimentation, innovation, and taking new risks. Only a small business that can deal with failure and still make money can exist in this environment. It is a model based on many, many failures and a few extraordinary successes.

2009. augusztus 29., szombat

Buddy Summit 2009

BuddySummit 2009

We learned a lot yesterday and had a very good time. A few pictures I share with you.

We had lunch at Rock Café Gatlingburg

Dale Calvert at Rock Cafe

Todd Falcone teached us usefull insights about successfull business

Joe Bowen and Raven Starre- they were both guest speakers of the Buddy Summit.
Joe shared his life experience trough stories and Raven shared her vision about our industry.

Climbing to the top:)