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10 Essential Mindsets For Success As an Enterpreneur

10 Essential Mindsets For Success As an Entrepreneur
By Katherine Reschke

Mindsets are a set of thoughts and beliefs that influence (usually subconsciously) everything we do think and feel. They often have their roots in our childhood and can serve as massive block to success if they are contrary to what we are trying to achieve.

The good news is that, with effort we can gain new thought patterns that support rather than sabotage our success.

1. Life (and especially business) is in constant flux and an entrepreneur needs to be able to accept this and to look for ways to turn this to his or her advantage. A business owner needs to not fear change but look upon adaptation as an interesting challenge.

2. Even a solo entrepreneur needs to take on a leadership role whether it is the leader of their community or a peer group. If leadership is new to the small business owner then they can start small with a little group and gradually build up to leading more extensive communities.

3. Play to your strengths. It is vital that entrepreneurs are cognizant of what they do well. Sometimes our strengths can also be used to bolster weaknesses. For instance if you consider yourself a great teacher but poor at selling, then utilize training as your main method of marketing - done well this can be very effective. Any weaknesses you cannot compensate, I would recommend outsourcing.

4. Solo entrepreneurs need to build a support team and to accept help. Such support can include masterminds, coaches, supportive family and friends, online and offline forums and groups and support personnel such as virtual assistants. Make sure that everyone on your team is a dreambuilder not a dreamkiller though someone who is willing to point out potential pitfalls can be invaluable.

5. Small business professionals need to have a high level of positive energy . Steps to insure this are both physical: getting enough exercise, sleep and healthy eating; and mental - thought filtering to weed out negative thoughts and surrounding yourself with positive people.

6. Entrepreneurs have to be self motivated. Try tapping into what really motivates you, use rewards to trigger dopamine in your brain, set deadlines, get accountability partners. Also find your rhythm i.e. do you work best at night or in the daytime - do you work best in short bursts or long stretches.

7. Be outgoing and friendly. Everyone is shy to some degree or another but it is very important to adopt stratagems that will help you to overcome the anxiety. Find medium you are least shy in, whether it is offline or online, social or more business orientated. Realize that practice will make it easier each time.

8. Always be open to learning - never stop looking for a better way to do things, never assume that you know it all. Keep abreast of new technologies and techniques.

9. Accept that there is no such thing as perfection. Although it is great to have a high bar make sure that it is not impossibly high. Anything can be improved upon later and sometimes good enough really is good enough.

10. Lastly make sure you always have fun. Some people have fixed beliefs that work is supposed to be dull and a chore. Look for the fun and excitement in everything you do and if you are doing too many things that are boring, look at what you can outsource so that you can focus on the fun stuff. This will help you keep up your positive energy and make you more resilient.

If you are constantly hitting road blocks in your life, repeating negative patterns or self- sabotaging yourself then unhelpful mindsets acting out through your subconscious are probably to blame. Learn how to use what we know of the science of the brain to adopt new and empowering mindsets that will help you become successful in business and in life. Katherine Reschke is a mindset coach that can teach you powerful tools that allow you to think in new ways that will dismantle the blocks and negative patterns in your life. Visit her at http://www.TheMindSetGuide.com .

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